About Us

over 40 years of experience

ASSOS WoodWorking is a small workshop located in central Greece, Larisa, with over 40 years of experience in woodworking and wooden crafts. Our passion for quality sound led us through a strenuous process with various designs, until we finally achieved the result that satisfied us.
The ASSOS audio racks line, hand-crafted, hand-polished and  fully modular, with quality wood materials and selected custom-made brass parts. Our aim is to showcase the enhancing features of wood in the outcome of sound by making an ergonomic audio rack that will positively impact the audio result whilst remaining true to the nature of the wooden crafts. 

Our philosophy

High Quality materials …

High-density noble wood

natural sound

Wood is a high-density material and it’s naturally non-resonant, which results in minimal sound distortions. It offers natural sound-absorbing properties, capturing the sound thanks to its porous structure.

The cellular structure of wood, the lignin matrix enables its viscoelastic behavior and allows it to dissipate energy and damp vibrations in a greater capacity and in a better way than other materials such as steel, glass, aluminum or even rubber.

Its network of small interlocking wood cells converts sound energy into heat energy by frictional resistance within these cells. Wood has also a special aesthetic value as it connects us to our origins in nature and conveys a sensation of comfort, warmth and protection, in short of being at home.

We use birch plywood as the core material for our racks because of its structural strength and excellent acoustic properties. The compact and cross-banded layers of plywood, make it resistant to decay and ensure that weight is distributed evenly, as well as enable the sound, vibrations and reverberations to flow through its pattern and gradually be absorbed and dissipated.

The innovative modular architecture of the Assos racks lets you easily customize them to your needs and effortlessly adjust the height of the brass spike in order to balance the rack if needed.  The custom made brass parts let the vibrations pass through them quickly onto the wooden parts of  the rack, whilst the wood-on-wood  interconnection lets no resonations build up in the structure.


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